Catfish in tomato sauce


Pangasius fish in tomato sauce is a delicious, attractive and popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine. Made from fresh pangasius, the fish meat is soft and delicious, marinated with spices and grilled until cooked, then processed with rich tomato sauce.

The harmonious combination of the sweetness of fish, the sourness of tomatoes, and the aroma of spices creates a unique meal that satisfies the taste of every diner. The dish is not only beautiful but also brings a rich culinary experience, a delicate blend of the characteristic flavor of fish and the aroma of tomato sauce.

Prepare Materials

1 kg pangasius fillet
5 cloves of garlic
1 onion
800g canned and peeled tomatoes
60ml olive oil
Black pepper
White pepper
1 teaspoon basil
1 pinch of sugar

Implementation Guide

Cut pangasius fillet into pieces and season with a little seasoning.

Make tomato sauce: saute onion and crushed garlic, add canned tomatoes. Boil over low heat until everything is soft and melted together.

Heat some oil and fry the pangasius pieces rolled in a little flour or breadcrumbs. Once you’ve finished frying the fish, put them in the pan, add tomato sauce and season to taste.

Place in the oven at 190°C.

Serve on a plate with a few slices of raw tomato for decoration.