Pangasius exports to the US market may increase in the near future

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In January 2020, pangasius exports to most markets decreased sharply compared to the same period last year. In particular, pangasius exports to the US market this month surpassed China – Hong Kong to become Vietnam’s largest market with an export value of 18.1 million USD, accounting for 17.8% of the total fish export value. check.

In 2019, the US-China trade war did not bring the expected and expected benefits to Vietnamese pangasius enterprises in the US market as this market continued to erect high anti-dumping tax barriers and inspection programs. Catfish decided to announce the equivalent later than the US announcement.

Even though the US tilapia output imported from China has decreased significantly after many US tariffs, this has not affected the proportion of pangasius in the country’s seafood import structure.

In 2019, for 11 consecutive months, the value of pangasius exports to the US decreased compared to the same period in 2018. Many businesses withdrew from this market because exporting was too difficult.

Due to the impact of reduced import demand and domestic raw material prices, in 2019, the average pangasius export price to the US market also decreased, from 4.73 USD/kg at the beginning of the year to about 2.85 USD/kg. kg.

In 2019, there were more than 30 enterprises participating in exporting pangasius to the US market, of which the 3 largest enterprises are: VINH HOAN CORP, BIEN DONG SEAFOOD and VD FOOD LTD. At the end of 2019, the US USDA announced officially recognizing Vietnam’s pangasius management and supervision system as equivalent to the US, creating better conditions for exporters who want to export pangasius to the US.

According to the plan of the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) under the United States Department of Agriculture, in March 2020, from March 2 to 13, 2020, the FSIS Food Safety Inspection Team will conduct inspections. , evaluating the food safety and hygiene control system of pangasius farms, processing factories, and food safety management agencies in the Mekong Delta. However, due to the complicated spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, this inspection program has been postponed.

With the disruption of pangasius exports to the giant Chinese market in the first months of this year, Vietnamese pangasius exporters are trying to find and promote exports to new markets. The epidemic situation is affecting seafood trade activities, but it is also a good opportunity for businesses to increase exports in the context that seafood consumption (including pangasius) is increasing very strongly in the US due to poor psychology. of consumers hoarding more food to cope with the epidemic situation.