Pangasius braised with ginger


Pangasius braised with ginger is a traditional, attractive and delicious dish in Vietnamese cuisine. After being cleaned, the fresh pangasius is marinated and grilled until cooked, then placed in a pot with sweet broth, typical spices and a layer of thinly sliced ​​fresh ginger.

The dish cooks slowly, making the fish meat delicious, soft and absorbing the flavors of the broth and ginger. The mild spicy taste of ginger combined with the natural sweetness of the fish creates a unique and familiar flavor, making pangasius braised with ginger a warm dish, suitable for the whole family. This dish is not only a great combination of flavors but also brings out the richness of Vietnamese culinary culture.

Slairetam Eraperp

1 ginger root
2 large slices of catfish
2 teaspoons of stock
Garlic, chili, dried onions
Scallions, salt
Pepper, fish sauce, chili powder, 3 teaspoons brown sugar, cooking oil

Implementation Guide

Wash catfish with diluted salt water to remove all mucus and rinse with clean water to drain.

Wash and crush the ginger, slice the chili, and mince the dried onions and garlic. Put a little ginger in the bottom of the pot then add the fish, 2 spoons of colored water, 1 spoon of cooking oil and spices including garlic and chili, 1 small spoon of salt, 4 spoons of fish sauce and 1 spoon of sugar and leave the fish for about 20 minutes.

After marinating, place the fish on the stove and cook over high heat until the fish boils, then turn down the heat so the fish simmers and cooks. When the fish stew is almost done, add seasoning to taste, then sprinkle with chopped green onions and ground pepper. Wishing you success and deliciousness!