About us

Interfish Company Limited

With more than 20 years of experience in the pangasius farming industry, we only had one wish when establishing Interfish Company Limited, that is to bring the best pangasius products to people around the world.

Because of the above desire, we have invested in modern equipment and applied management software to control the quality of products.

Along with the slogan: “Give you more value than fish”, we want to raise the level of Vietnamese pangasius by researching and developing more value-added products to meet the increasing needs of consumers curently.

Message From Leader

Working in agriculture field is always the desire throughout my life. So after 10 years in the army, I comeback home and doing jobs related to breeding, planting, taking advantage of the nature to develop agriculture, creating jobs for local people.

More than 20 years of pangasius farming and now pangasius processing factory, I always think about the three important things for the development of an organization as follows:

“Always improving: the world is always changing, if we stop, we will be backward. Always improving in farming & production management.

“Ready to accept the challenge: I always want to build a team who are ready to face the challenge at work, no job is always easy, success only for a few people.

“Sustainable development: Agricultural development needs to always be associated with the nature and local people. Thus, it will create a premise for long-term development.

I believe that my team will always keep in mind the above concepts to make the company more and more developed and the Vietnamese pangasius industry will be recognized by the whole world and brings values to my home country.


Founder   |   Interfish Company Limited



Export our pangasius to more than 15 countries and territories


Interfish factory was established.


Acquiring Interfish project and started building the factory.


Expanding the farming area to 20 hectares as currently.


Starting to built our new farming area in Dong Giang hamlet, Tan Khanh Dong commune.


Raising pangasius with only 1-2 small ponds with the capacity of 50-100 tons/ year.

Core Value

Our Vision

Become the top ambassador of Vietnam pangasius industry, bring specialties from the Mekong River region to the worldwide meals.

Our Mission

Bring the sustainable development to Vietnamese pangasius from farming, processing to trading through commitment about continuous improvement to raise production quality, business reputation and workers moral.

Processing & Exporting Capacity

“Interfish Company Limited – More Value Than Fish”

Interfish is bringing to the market about 50 tons products per day. We have exported to Europe, China, Asia, America, Middle East and Australia with a commitment to bringing quality products consumers around the world.

10 +

Years Experience

10 Countries

Exporting Markets

15 Ha

Farming Area

80 Tons/ day

Production Capacity

Why Interfish?

High Quality Product

Constantly improving product quality & diversity to meet the increasing needs of the market. Quality is one of our top priorities. With a closed process from farming to processing and packaging products, we confidently provide to customer good & stable quality product.

Modern Technology

Interfish has applied modern technology, machinery and information technology to farming and processing to manage product quality and limit errors during the production process. We are constantly updating the newest technical advances to continuously improve ourselves further.

Experienced Team

We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of pangasius farming, we understand clearly how to raise quality pangasius. In the field of pangasius processing and exporting, we also have an experienced team with enthusiasm and willing to learn, always wanting to improve everyday.

International Standard

Interfish always strictly follow with international export standards, especially European standards. Ensuring that our pangasius products meet strict requirements and can be imported into demanding international markets.