Fishery enterprises: a decrease of 35-50% in orders issued by Covid-19

( According to the survey of member enterprises of VASEP, due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemic, especially in the first two weeks of March 2020, production, business and export activities. of fishery businesses are increasingly affected seriously. Up to this point, most businesses have had a decrease of 35-50% of orders (due to cancellation, back order or lack of raw materials).

According to Pangasius exporting enterprises, in January 2020, almost all Pangasius export activities were interrupted or stopped to the largest market in China. However, since March, the area of influence has begun to spread to Europe, in some countries, customers have suspended all transactions, restaurants and hotels have been closed to prevent risks. pandemic muscle outbreak. New orders have not been re-signed, large inventories. By mid-March 202020, many orders in the Middle East, Asia or South America also began to congestion, cancellation or notice of suspension without time to return. Until now, most seafood enterprises have been affected by production due to lack of raw materials (except for Pangasius enterprises), but orders for food service (Food Service) have been suspended. lately, only maintaining orders for the retail segment ...

35-50% of shrimp and shrimp export orders to the US and EU have been delayed or canceled due to unsold customers, the inventories at both exporters and importers are large, cold storage is full and no longer strong enough. This means that, even in many importing countries, suppliers have the flexibility to reduce selling prices by 25-30% but cannot stimulate demand. Although, the production and export activities of shrimp exporting enterprises are facing a lot of difficulties in most markets, but many businesses are still trying to maintain jobs for workers and redistribute working schedules for shrimp. In accordance with the corresponding wage reduction, training at work for workers to be able to work full items.

The same situation is happening for seafood export enterprises. Many businesses have commented that January 20/20 is the starting time for the congestion period in seafood trading activities. From March when the epidemic accelerates and spreads at a dizzying level, it will lead to more severe and more serious consequences.

In particular, in recent days, the information on many cases of isolation is monitored for Covid-19 disease in the Mekong Delta has been causing psychological effects, causing confusion for workers and businesses. This has a greater impact on the production activities of enterprises in many localities. However, in the current context, businesses need to be very calm to propagate and communicate to officials, employees and workers to be more aware of the situation, and continue to maintain anti- translated under the guidance and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, maintaining production stability, joining hands with the Government and the whole country to overcome this difficult period.

Tạ Hà