Pangasius has a chance in other markets

Pangasius is one of the products heavily influenced by Covid-19. However, there are still many opportunities in other markets for Vietnamese pangasius.

In 2019, China is the largest market of Vietnam pangasius. According to VASEP, pangasius export value to China - Hong Kong last year was 662.5 million USD, accounting for 33% of the total export value of this item.

Therefore, Pangasius is one of the commodities heavily affected by the Covid-2019 epidemic. Pangasius export via quota trading is almost no way because China stops trading activities in the form of exchanging border residents to fight epidemics.

Export through official channels also faces difficulties. Many seaports in China have been congested due to disrupted logistics activities in this country because of Covid-19, which has greatly affected Vietnam's seafood exports, including cat fish, to China by sea. .

On the Chinese market, pangasius consumption also decreased significantly when a series of restaurants, fast food chains, seafood markets ... were forced to temporarily stop operating for a long time to combat the epidemic. Many Chinese entrepreneurs cannot come to Vietnam to promote new contracts.

In February, many pangasius processing enterprises in the Mekong Delta were forced to work alternately due to reduced orders, or to temporarily stop working to prevent diseases.

These factors have caused the price of raw material Pangasius in Mekong Delta. In the last week of February, the price of white meat catfish of 0.7-0.8 kg / head in Dong Thap was only 18,000-19,000 VND / kg, down more than 40% compared to the same period in 2019.

Facing such situation, promoting pangasius export to other markets is an urgent requirement now. One of the important markets that Vietnamese businesses are targeting is the United States.

Last year, one of the leading causes of pangasius exports to the US dropped sharply, because there were still a large amount of pangasius purchased in 2018 from the country's importers. This year, this stock has run out. Therefore, it is likely that the US will step up importing pangasius in the near future.

Late last year, the US Department of Agriculture recognized the Siluriformes fish and catfish product inspection system (including Pangasius, etc.) of Vietnam equivalent to the US. This will help Vietnam pangasius to access the US market and other fastidious markets more favorable.

For the Chinese market, after the Covid-19 epidemic has stabilized, it is certain to increase the import of pangasius again, but the import volume of the whole year is likely to decrease compared to 2019. In the first 2 months of the year Now, the value of pangasius exports to China has decreased by about 50% compared to the same period of 2019.

The Covid-19 epidemic is causing a series of factories to process white meat fish (cod, haddock, pollock ...) in China to halt operations. China processes the above-mentioned fish mainly for export to Europe and the US ...

The suspension of Chinese white fish processing factories will affect the supply of white fish fillets on the world market. This is an opportunity for Vietnam fillets to fill this gap.

In particular, a large market in Asia that pangasius businesses are targeting is India. Indians do not eat beef, pork, but goats, sheep, chicken and seafood.

In recent years, India has organized Pangasius farming, with the current production reaching about 600 thousand tons / year. But Pangasius farming in India is not of high quality because it is yellowed.

Processing plants in India have not been able to produce white meat pangasius products and ensure food safety like Vietnamese factories.

Therefore, in the Indian market, Vietnam pangasius is being considered as a high-class product, specializing in consumption.

Despite difficulties such as high import tax of Pangasius fillets in India (65%), cold storage system is limited for frozen goods, but the potential to boost Pangasius export to this country is still high. very large.

According to Mr. Atul Kumar Saxena, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Indian Import Enterprises (IICCI), India with a large market, large purchasing power is a good opportunity to develop and expand the market for Vietnam's agricultural and food products including pangasius and basa fish.

(Theo NNVN)