Chain link raising Pangasius export value

In the morning of 11/12, Department of Agro-product Processing and Market Development (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) coordinated with Dong Thap People's Committee to organize a forum "Improving export value of tra fish to adapt to the world market".

Mr. Duong Nghia Quoc, Chairman of the Vietnam Pangasius Association said: In 2019, the Pangasius industry in the Mekong Delta has a lot of great fluctuations, estimated production of 1.2 million tons, the current price of fish is low at about 19,500 - VND 20,000 / kg remained low for many months, export turnover reached VND 2 billion, down 8-10% compared to 2018.

At the forum, many Pangasius export enterprises and localities assessed that in 2019 the industry still faces many difficulties such as: Pangasius breeds are increasingly declining, causing a high and effective rate of loss in the commercial farming stage low production. The chain link in pangasius production is greatly affected, because in the past, the price of commercial pangasius was high so farmers actively asked not to join the production link.

Although the Chinese market currently holds the number one position in importing Vietnamese pangasius, it is an unstable and risky market. In addition, there is a great influence of the US Department of Commerce's anti-dumping duty that has a major impact on export turnover of 30% compared to the same period in 2018.

Mr. Tran Van Cong, Deputy Director of the Department of Processing and Market Development of Agricultural Products said: The current pangasius production industry with 5,400 ha is concentrated in the Mekong Delta. Currently, the number of cooperatives participating in processing factories has decreased greatly. In order to improve the export value of pangasius to adapt to the world market, it is necessary to apply high technology in farming, instead of pangasius raising from 800grams - 1kg / fish, now it can be raised to 3-4 kg /fish for export by partner orders.

In addition, as the market adaptation, it is necessary to comply with the regulations and recommendations of professional agencies and state management to produce in accordance with market demand.

According to Mr. Cong, in order to develop the Pangasius industry in the coming time, it is necessary to enhance the quality improvement of the Pangasius breeding industry, raw material fish, processing process and environment. Promote competition and restructuring pangasius industry. Improving product quality, building image and brand of Vietnam pangasius.

Pangasius ponds must be granted identification codes and apply many standards in farming such as GlobalGAP, ASC, BAP, VietGAP ... Follow the regulations of the Department of Animal Health on disease surveillance as planned for the whole Data input. FarmBill implementation is also a way to improve the quality of farming, processing and food safety monitoring. Research, apply and transfer science and technology in fish breeding, aquaculture, feed and implement the 3-level fish breeding project.

Besides, promoting the development of domestic and international consumption markets, consolidating the image and new sales channel 4.0.