Pangasius exports to China may be "ups and downs" according to the movements of the ncov epidemic

( In 2019, China is Vietnam's largest pangasius export market with a total value of US $ 622.7 million, up 28.8% over the previous year, accounting for 31% of the total value. Pangasius export. Last year, this is also the focus market of more than 125 enterprises, households and cooperatives producing and processing pangasius in Vietnam. In the beginning of 2020, the complicated movements of the acute respiratory infection caused by the new strain of Corona virus have been sign

Pangasius export in 2019 reached 2 billion USD

( The year 2019 ended with many efforts of Pangasius exporting enterprises, but this is also not the year as expected of this industry. Difficult in most of the export markets, the sharp decline in domestic raw material prices has caused further value reduction. In December 2019, pangasius export value in most major export markets in the top 10 decreased, except for China - Hong Kong.

Seafood export maintains the growth momentum

In 2019, seafood, a billion-dollar industry, still maintained a good growth momentum when increasing nearly 7% in volume and value compared to 2018.

An Giang promotes the link of Pangasius consumption

In addition to the project "Linking production of high-quality pangasius 3-level pangasius in the Mekong Delta", An Giang province encourages enterprises in the locality to step up the linking of pangasius consumption.

For pangasius industry to develop

“In order for the Pangasius industry to develop ,according to what I have to do the following: The breeding output must always be lower than the market demand of at least 10%, reorganize the manufacturing process towards the cohesion between the breeders and the processing plant; Continue to put science-engineering into breeding in the direction of high-tech application; Continue to expand the export market... "- Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of Nam Viet Doan Toi Grou