Trained Pangasius farming methodically and raising pangasius quality standards

A cooperation project between Vietnam and Norway was born to solve the story of fish farming training methodically, thereby gradually raising the quality standards of pangasius.

Expand export pangasius farming area

Towards perfecting the production chain, in the past 10 years, the relationship between businesses who have the factory of export seafood processing and invest in pangasius farming areas, with farmers in the Mekong Delta has been constantly expanding.

A few things to think about after the Seafood Fair of Qingdao (China)

Shandong Peninsula early winter, clear sky, beautiful sunshine and the same temperature as in Dalat city at the end of the year, it helped Qingdao International Fisheries Fair opening in jubilant and bustling space. This year, this fair focuses on 3 areas: processed seafood, farming equipment and processing equipment ... The time of the fair is also the time when the central provinces of Vietnam are struggling to cope with number 5 storm.

US recognizes Vietnam's pangasius control systems

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), under the United States Department of Agriculture, has officially recognized Vietnam’s pangasius food safety control system after more than three years of negotiations, reports Vietnam News.

USA: Announcing the Law on the recognition that Vietnam is eligible to export catfish

On November 5, 2019, the Federal Register Office of United States also officially released a law document from the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture regarding the recognition of Vietnam as The country is eligible to export Siluriformes fish and fish products to the United States.