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Try this great recipe for a summery fish dish. It tastes just as good cooked under the grill as it does on the barbeque, so you can still enjoy it all year round! Pangasius is ideal for this dish.
Pangasius is white meat with a sweet taste and processed many dishes, so it is often chosen by the women as ingredients for their menu.
A terrific combination between vegetable, prawn and pangasius with rice paper and fish sauces that you will love at first bite.
A good and easy recipe for a pangasius curry should be on everybody’s repetoire. This is a great one to try.
Make your quick and easy delicious pangasius fillet!
A beautiful sweet and sour dish of honey-mustard marinated pangasius on a bed of cucumber relish. Serve as an appetizer or party snack.
The delicious & popular salad with mango, vegetable & fish sauce combined with grilled pangasius will bring you a healthy & tasty dish. Idea for diet menu
Surprising wok dish with pangasius fillet and lots of vegetables. A healthy choice that fits perfectly into a diet. Also nice to combine with rice.